A Bit About Us

Ready to go!

The picture above is where we call home. You might ask – why would anyone want to take a break from that?! Well, that’s a good question. Over the past 32 years, we have progressed little by little from living in a room over the Hog Barn at UC Davis, California to where we are now. The Lord has taken us between two continents and more than a dozen homes – never giving us too much, but always what we need, always forward. We have raised 4 amazing kids; we have 3 beautiful granddaughters and we have worked in several different positions and fields. Now that we find ourselves in this beautiful place, we feel the Lord pushing us once again to explore the world a little more as He guides, directs and protects us on this next adventure. It is about trusting the Father. What can I say, it’s been a great ride this far – I wonder where He will lead us today!

We are publishing this for you – our family and friends – so that you may share the discoveries He puts before us. We appreciate your prayers for our journey.

We would also like to apologize to our Spanish speaking friends and family for writing this Blog in English only. The reason being that most of you do have a comprehensive level of reading and understanding English. But then again, my mother Lola might force me to translate all of this later on….hey that’s the problem when you think in English but feel in Spanish!!


9 Responses to A Bit About Us

  1. Rob says:

    Hi Liz and Raul,

    I happened to stumble on your page after you posted on my brothers blog. It’s incredible to see all sorts of people are traveling the world these days. Good for you guys to be able to take the next step in your life, I am sure you done plenty prior to your journey. I wish you a happy and safe voyage.

    Cheers from Canada,


  2. jimmy says:

    Hola Raul and Lizy, its Jimmy from siennadownsouth, I glad you left a message and enjoying our blog would love to meet you guys too I see you still in Brazil I will come back and check from time to time where you are if we are near by we will probably cross paths.

    Take care enjoy every moment and be safe..

  3. Miguel Pinto says:

    Buenas noches, sr Raul que bueno verlos disfrutando de la vida, creo que eso es lo unico que le llana el alma a una persona, el compartir, el reir, el poder algo mas que lo cotidiano, cada dia es una aventura y solo dios sabe el camino por donde pasaremos, espero se encuentre bien, saludos a la Sra Liz.

    Mis saludos y respetos;
    Miguel Pinto

    • Raul & Liz says:

      Hola Miguel,

      Gracias por tus bellas palabras. Estamos bien – ahorito en Rio de Janeiro y continuamos hacia el sur en esta aventura. Esperamos que sigas disfrutando de nuestro blog. Te deseamos lo mejor. Un gran abrazo. – Liz y Raul 🙂

  4. Mike K :>) says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. God bless you and keep you both healthy and happy. Your blog makes me want to be traveling with you.

  5. Ted Ramirez says:

    Raulito and Liz – I so enjoy reading your thoughts and experiences along the road adventure. I thank you so much for your friendship and am so glad the good lord brought you guys into my life. Keep smiling and keep writing! TED

    • Raul & Liz says:

      Hola Teddy- thank you for your kind words, we are in Punta Arenas, Chile getting our truck ready to continue going sometime this week. Liz should have a blog update ready soon to update every one. Un gran abrazo!!

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